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Trying to find a buyer for your unlisted security?

SHARE CONNECT offers an "Introductory Service" for existing shareholders who own unlisted securities. Our platform allows shareholders to list a security for potential parties to browse and if interested, submit a request for a seller to contact them. Companies may have terms and conditions that shareholders will need to abide by before securities can be transferred.

We provide Sellers with:

  • A platform to advertise their security
  • A variable alternative to current methods
  • Easy access

We provide Buyers with:

  • Easy access to sellers
  • A wide range of available securities
  • Access to Company information

SHARE CONNECT provides administration services to our clients to assist with this process. This includes informing shareholders of the company terms & conditions, assisting with off market transfer documentation, provide escrow service for funds transfer with our partnership with "CheckVault" and to liaise with shareholders and the company during the whole transaction process.

Our aim is to provide a convenient and simple pathway for sellers and buyers of unlisted and issuer sponsored securities to contact each other.

At no time does SHARE CONNECT assist with any negations, pricing, recommend a security, deal in a financial market or been seemed to be arranging.

The information provided on our website is general in nature, no financial or tax advice is provided. Your personal circumstances, financial situation or objectives needs have not been taken into consideration. Please seek independent financial or tax advice before making any investment decision.

Unlisted companies can now keep their shareholders informed:

SHARE CONNECT is also a cost effective and simple platform for unlisted companies to keep their shareholders and potential investors informed on company activities.

Companies can post information such as:

  • Company Activities
  • Annual and Financial Reports
  • Notice of meeting and proxy's
  • General company information
  • Plus more

Keep your shareholders and potential new shareholders informed.

If you would like to know more please contact us at ua.moc.tcennocerahs@ofni or via the contact details on our webpage.